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Protecting Your World With Our Best Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens in Delray Beach, FL

We Offer Tested & Certified Hurricane Screens for Complete Protection From Storms, Insects, & Excessive Heat Since 2012


  • Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens – Protecting Your World™
  • Our screens have been certified in a formal lab for a few months and then REAL-WORLD TESTED for the last 10 YEARS: results of being in 17 tropical storms and 20 hurricanes, ZERO (0) screen failures (fabric coming out of its tracks). When the screen comes out of its tracks, you lose ALL protection. No other screen company can make this claim.
  • Certified Miami-Dade Testing – NOA 23-0120.02
  • Certified Florida Building Code – FL#38706.1
  • Tested and certified for 150 MPH and safety tested to 225 MP
Hurricane Screens – Protecting Your World


St Thomas 200+ mph winds verses our 4-year old Atlas Armor Screens


Everyone likes to show the strength of their brand-new hurricane screens. The favorite test is to show how a piece of wood bounces off their brand-new screen and to be fair, we do it too. Or they will show someone bumping into the screen with their shoulder to show its strength. But that’s a new screen and those are wimpy tests. What you should REALLY be interested in is how strong is an old and damaged screen. Here are a couple of videos that show how an old, damaged Atlas Armor screen holds up under pressure:

The first test is the “Weight Test” using an 8’x8’ fixed screen that was been intentionally damaged when we cut a 6” long slit into the screen. You will see some of our Atlas Armor staff standing and sitting on the fabric portion of that damaged screen. Combined weight is over 2,000 pounds (we have some large guys on our staff thanks to pizza Fridays). You should also notice a couple of other things:
1) Our screen can actually hold over 2,000 pounds without coming out of the sidetracks 
2) The cut in the screen remained the same size even after supporting all of that weight. It’s not likely that you will ever invite a dozen of your friends over to sit on your screens, but in case you do, you know it’s very possible… and fun.”

The second test is our “drop Test”. We start off easy, you know, like our competitors test their screens, and then we proceed to a more strenuous style of non-realistic testing that is designed just to show how we can punish our screens and they still work. We really don’t think that our screens will ever be used as a bowling-ball pitch-back or will be repletely impacted by over 500 pounds of flying 40-pound, concrete construction, building blocks, but just in case you find yourself in that situation, you now know that you can feel safe behind our Atlas Armor hurricane screens.


Peace of Mind Warranty


Extremely Short Delivery Time

Our delivery time is 4-6 weeks OR LESS, from the time your order goes into production until your screens are ready to ship

Limited 10 Year Free Replacement Warranty is Also Transferable

Our fabric screens carry a limited 10-year (24/7 usage) free replacement warranty, that is TRANSFERABLE if you should sell your property before the end of the warranty.


Miami-Dade NOA Certified

The Miami-Dade NOA is the GOLD STANDARD for rigorous hurricane protection which is why the other systems do not have this certification.

Multiple USA Patented Technologies

1. Weight Bar that automatically adjusts to uneven floor surfaces for insect control.
2. Weight bar stiffener to reduce deflection (bowing) due to wind.
3. Outside hurricane screens panels that can be installed on any floor from INSIDE the home without using any tools.
4. End retention weight bar guides that anchor the weight bar to the side tracks.

System Design Strength Adds Value and Reassurance

Atlas Armor hurricane screen overall system design is the STRONGEST on the market. We have installed thousands of hurricane screens from Bermuda to Cabo Mexico, all over Florida and the Caribbean Islands and have NEVER had a screen come out of its tracks since 2012. When a hurricane screen comes out of its side tracks, your home is left unprotected and can be damaged by the storm.

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