Are you searching for how much Hurricane screens cost? We at Atlas Armor are here to help you out. The below list includes details on various kinds of hurricane shutters, as well as estimates for their cost. Keep in mind that labor should also be factored into the overall expense.

Different Cost of Hurricane Screens

There are different types of hurricane screen fabric. Let’s discuss the Hurricane Screen Cost one by one.

  • Accordion Hurricane Screens Florida

One option for permanent shutters that some homeowners choose is accordion shutters. Made of aluminum, these shutters fold up and resemble an accordion when not in use. They can be installed permanently in a home. Prices for accordion shutters tend to be in the 15 to 20 dollar per square foot range, according to

Atlas Armor reports that retractable hurricane shutters, made of strong aluminum able to withstand fierce winds, typically cost between $25 and $29. These shutters can be rolled down along a path to protect a home during a hurricane. After that they are then folded up into strips when not needed. They can be operated physically or through an electric engine.

  • Electric

Electric hurricane shutters, also known as automatic shutters, can be rolled down or used as screens and are powered by electric motors. They can be easily activated with a switch and are made of durable aluminum that can withstand strong storms up to 130 mph. According to Estimates, these shutters typically cost between 935 and 995 dollars per window.

  • Colonial

Hurricane screens protection can be stylishly achieved through the use of colonial shutters. These shutters feature a traditional slat design and can easily open and seal from the sides. Available in composite wood, fiberglass, or aluminum, colonial shutters range in price from 33 to 50 dollars/square foot.

  • Storm Panel

Storm panels, made of aluminum, metal, or plastic, are a cost-effective method of providing basic protection from storms. These panels can be attached to the outer walls around windows and doors and easily removed during hurricane season. Storm panels generally cost between 10 and 15 dollars/per square foot.

  • Bahama

Bahama shutters are a type of window covering attached to the top of a window using hinges. These shutters can be swung up to open and down to close using telescoping arms. Therefore, they are permanent installations known for their attractive style, which can enhance a home’s curb appeal. Bahama shutters can be made of either aluminum or composite wood and typically cost between $30 and 50 dollars/square foot.

  • Fabric Screen

Hurricane screens made of fabric offer more protection than just a canvas stretched across windows. Fabric screen shutters are crafted from sturdy materials like mesh or PVC and covered with resin for added strength and tear resistance.

The shutters can be secured using grommets, buckles, and slide brackets or placed in a roll-down configuration. The cost for the fabric is typically between $5 and $15, and installation ranges from 45 to 100 dollars per hour.


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