As residents of South Florida, we are all familiar with the dangers of hurricane season. Strong winds and flying debris can cause significant damage to our homes and property, which is why it’s so important to have reliable hurricane protection in place. One of the most effective forms of protection is hurricane screens. These specialized screens are designed to protect your windows and doors from the impact of flying debris and other hazards during a hurricane.

However, for hurricane screens to do their job effectively, they must be well-maintained. Regular hurricane screen maintenance will help ensure that your screens are in good condition and working when needed. Living in hurricane country can be challenging, but with Atlas Armor’s screen maintenance tips, you can rest assured that your home and family will remain safe when catastrophe strikes. Atlas Armor offers a selection of impact-resistant screens that protect houses from the strongest winds Mother Nature has to offer.


How to Maintain Your Hurricane Screens?

Maintaining your hurricane screens is essential for ensuring their longevity, preserving their looks, and maintaining their protection capabilities. By following these simple steps, you can be sure that your hurricane screens remain in top condition and continue protecting your home needs.


When hurricane season hits, it is important to inspect all hurricane screens for integrity. Going through a hurricane can be a traumatic experience, and having hurricane screens in place can help protect your family and home from the storm’s fury. Rigorously checking hurricane screens will ensure they are secure and ready to stand up against high winds, debris, and other dangers associated with a hurricane. Inspecting hurricane screens doesn’t take too long but could save you time, money, and peace of mind.

Clean the Tracks

Hurricanes are powerful and frequently devastating natural occurrences. Cleaning the tracks that come with these hurricane screens is important because this will allow them to close faster and more easily should a hurricane be approaching. It can save valuable time, provide additional security against debris, and ultimately prevent many headaches during hurricane season. Therefore, it is critical for those with hurricane screens to ensure their installation and clean the tracks so they can remain safe from hurricanes.

Wash the Panels

It’s important to remember to wash hurricane screens at least once a year. You can clean these exterior elements of your home by wiping them down with a cloth and mild detergent, just like we clean other exterior elements. Over time, dirt and debris accumulate on hurricane panels, blocking views and creating an eye sore. Additionally, dirt reduces the protective capabilities of hurricane panels, so cleaning them thoroughly and keeping them free of any residue is essential.

Lubricate Tracks

Lubricating hurricane screens is a task that everyone should be sure to do regularly. For hurricane-proof windows or hurricane fabric panels, lubricating the tracks can make life much easier. You have to make sure hurricane protection components move freely and smoothly, and applying lubrication regularly can go a long way in ensuring preparedness for hurricane season. It will also help keep the tracks free of dirt and debris, which can build up and hinder the operation of those essential hurricane-fighting devices. Proper maintenance and the right lubricant can help hurricane screens perform their best.

Lubricate Thumbscrews

Lubricating thumbscrews is an important hurricane preparedness measure that should not be overlooked. If a hurricane is coming, you’ll want to make sure all of the screws on your windows, doors, and shutters are adequately lubricated beforehand. Applying lubrication will help them resist corrosion over time and ensure the fasteners remain secure during hurricane-force winds. The extra protection will also make it easier for you to open and close these shutters and stay safe in a hurricane.

Professional Inspection

Regularly having a professional inspect your hurricane screens is essential to ensure that they are in good condition. A professional can detect any damage you may have missed and make necessary repairs.



Hurricane screen maintenance is essential for ensuring that your home is protected from strong winds during a hurricane. Regular cleaning, inspecting, repairing, storing, and having a professional inspect your screens will keep them in good condition and ready to do their job.

Follow these tips to protect your home and keep your family safe during hurricane season. To Know more about hurricane screens see our blogs. Atlas Armor offers screen cleaning and maintenance with 10-year limited transferable & free replacement warranty.