During a hurricane, many people spend time preparing their homes by moving furniture and securing outdoor areas. However, those with Roll Down Hurricane Screens can remain confident in their protection and leave everything in place. These motorized screens are made with strong, durable materials such as polyester fibers and aramid, also used in Bulletproof body armor.

Atlas Armor roll down hurricane screens offer the same level of strength as aluminum roller shutters but with the added benefit of being able to see through them.

Best Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens 

We recommend you to choose Roll Down Hurricane Screens from Atlas Armor. There are many reasons to choose it such as:

  • Hurricane Screens are Certified Strong 

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens have been certified for use in areas of high risk for hurricanes by both the State of Florida and Miami-Dade. As the only fabric roller shutter that excels in metal shutters, our screens are designed to withstand and last longer.

  • Built to Last 

At Atlas Armor, we use specially designed components renowned for their toughness in the production of our screens. Our strict quality standards and rigorous testing methods ensure that each unit meets the highest standards for hurricane protection.

  • The Right Fit 

Atlas Armor Screens are manufactured to fit seamlessly into any structure and withstand the strongest wind loads. Our screens are tailored to your specific needs,

making them the most customizable and strong option on the market. When you choose Atlas Armor, you can be confident that you are installing the best hurricane protection available.

  • Out of Sight Security 

Atlas Armor’s hurricane protection system allows you to protect your patio without compromising its aesthetic. Our screens blend in seamlessly and can be deployed quickly when needed. Through close collaboration with architects and builders, we have developed a system that can be made to be hidden from view when not in use, but just a push-button away from complete protection.

  • Year Round, 24/7 Protection And Comfort 

With Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens, you don’t have to choose between different types of protection. When not being used for hurricane protection, our screen system provides you with year round, push-button comfort for privacy, solar shade, insect, and everyday weather protection. Each screen can be managed independently, giving you complete control.

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens 

The Atlas Armor screen is designed to be your one-stop solution for all outdoor needs. It is a versatile product that can serve multiple purposes.

Our hurricane screen is built to withstand even the strongest storms. Made with a blend of aramid and polyester, our material is strong enough to withstand the elements. During formal testing, the testing facility subjects these screens to repeated simulated impacts of 9-pound 2x4s, being driven by a Category 5 hurricane, so you can trust that you are getting a durable and reliable product.

Benefits of Atlas Armor Florida Hurricane Screens 

  • Hurricane and year-round comfort with push-button control. Protect your home or business from all weather elements, insects, and hurricanes by installing either our remote controlled roll down screens or fixed screens.
  • Because of our solar qualities, we also save you money by lowering your A/C energy costs when our screens are covering your openings.
  • Unlike other systems, our screens have been Real-World tested since 2012 and have NEVER failed in protecting the opening where they were installed.
  • Each of our screens is custom-made and expertly installed to ensure a perfect fit and reliable performance.

Contact us 

If you need more information about pricing or material of hurricane screen then contact us at (561) 206-0813 or Service@AtlasArmor.com. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.