Hurricane screens are a cost-efficient, flexible, and highly effective technique of protecting your property from hurricane winds. These have been approved by the National Hurricane Center. Screens provide protection that passes the strict requirements of Miami-Dade County.

Atlas Armor has provided 100% hurricane protection on secured openings for many years. Keep reading the article to know more about Polypropylene vs Kevlar Hurricane Screens.


What are Polypropylene Vs Kevlar Hurricane Screens?

In the event of a hurricane, it is important to secure your property with hurricane screens to prevent damage from flying water and debris. Screens help to withstand winds of up to 276 miles per hour, deflect debris, and protect against leaks due to heavy rains are all viable options. About 90% of debris and dust is removeable typical screen.

The innovative polypropylene weaved monofilament geosynthetic fabric used to make hurricane shields is translucent, so some light can get through. As a result, you can safely check the weather outside even when the weather is bad. Investing in hurricane screens is a sensible precaution to take before the next major storm.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to protect your home with hurricane resistant screens, here are five arguments in their favor:

  • Porch Hurricane Screens Fit any Structure Need to Protect

Hurricane screens can be custom-made to fit any shape, including those that aren’t square, such as arches.

They provide what designers call “flexibility of design” because they are moldable to fit any building. They are available in a variety of colors to complement your home’s or building’s design, and they won’t obscure your structure’s lines when they’re not in use.

  • Porch Screen and Lightweight Fabric

Hurricane screen contains polypropylene woven monofilament fabric. These are also moveable when they are not in use. Besides, roll down screen for the porch is of lightweight cloth. It allows for rapid deployment in the event of a storm. It also helps in situations where the device is not permanently installed.

  • Hurricane Screen is Translucent 

While it may be unsettling to watch a storm in its full intensity, the screens will let in some natural light, making you feel less trapped when the next hurricane blows through the state.

Screens may keep the elements out, but they are not a substitute for actual locks and safes. In the event of a hurricane, it is essential that you take the necessary precautions to protect your property. Always take precautions from looting and other criminal activity.

  • Florida Hurricane Screen is Best for Your Home

Storm shutters are 97% effective at preventing wind and rain infiltration. They can survive a missile strike five times stronger than that needed by Miami-Dade County. Moreover, they have also been tested in the field during hurricanes, beginning with Hurricane Ivan in 2004. There was a test done on hurricane screens that how well they protected a condo from wind-driven rain for 6 hours.



Hurricane screens are effective because they dampen the force of falling objects. Their design allows the screens and attachment points to take the brunt of any wind or collision. They function like a high-tech trampoline, positioned at an angle over the apertures of buildings, deflecting rain, wind, and other debris away from the buildings.



Our delivery time is 4-6 weeks OR LESS, from the time your order goes into production until your screens are ready to ship

Our fabric screens carry a limited 10-year (24/7 usage) free replacement warranty, that is TRANSFERABLE if you should sell your property before the end of the warranty.

The Miami-Dade NOA is the GOLD STANDARD for rigorous hurricane protection which is why the other systems do not have this certification.


1. Weight Bar that automatically adjusts to uneven floor surfaces for insect control.
2. Weight bar stiffener to reduce deflection (bowing) due to wind.
3. Outside hurricane screens panels that can be installed on any floor from INSIDE the home without using any tools.
4. End retention weight bar guides that anchor the weight bar to the side tracks.

Atlas Armor hurricane screen overall system design is the STRONGEST on the market. We have installed thousands of hurricane screens from Bermuda to Cabo Mexico, all over Florida and the Caribbean Islands and have NEVER had a screen come out of its tracks since 2012. When a hurricane screen comes out of its side tracks, your home is left unprotected and can be damaged by the storm.

We are constantly innovating to improve our hurricane screen’s quality, strength and connectivity.

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