Hurricane season is an annual occurrence in many parts of the world, and it is important to be prepared. One of the best ways to protect your home and family during a hurricane is to install hurricane screens. w

Since 2012, though 23 hurricanes and 17 Tropical Storms, Atlas Armor has installed thousands of fabric hurricane screens from Bermuda to Cabo, Mexico, and all over Florida and the Caribbean Islands, and we have never had a screen come out of its tracks which means that we have NEVER (0) lost protection on any protected opening. Atlas Armor fabric hurricane screen systems boast the strongest, and most reliable overall design on the market.

This blog will discuss the protection of your home by installing hurricane screens and how to choose the right one for your needs.


What are fabric Hurricane Screens, and How Do they Work?

Fabric Hurricane screens are specially designed woven screens installed over windows and doors to provide added protection against the wind and debris that come with hurricanes. They are woven out of polyester and Aramid (aka Kevlar) yarns which are extremely strong and  durable. The screens are then tested to determine the highest winds load capacity and impact strength to deflect wind driven debris. Atlas Armor fabric Hurricane Screens carry the highest rating available, the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA). When appropriately installed, fabric hurricane screens can provide a very strong and secure barrier between your home and the outside elements, keeping you and your family safe during the storm. Fabric hurricane screen work by protecting your windows and doors from breakage. Because these screens are made from very tough yarns, when an object hits the screen, the screen flexes inward which reduces the objects speed and reduces the objects inertia. The screen then bounces the object outward away from the opening. The screen is ready to take the next storm driven assult. Like other metal hurricane protection, the fabric doesn’t dent from the impact. Dents cause weak areas. Fabric hurricane screens retain their resiliance and hurricane protective capabilities. If the window behind the screen should happen to break, the screen will continue to protect the home because it will not allow the full force of the wind to suddenly enter the home which in turn would cause great damage. The screen reduces the force of the wind by 95% so a 100 mph wind on the outside is only experienced as a 5mph breeze on the inside. Not even enough force to blow out a candle at 5 feet away.


Advantages of Installing Hurricane Screens

There are several hurricane screen benefits to installing on your home. Some of the key advantages include the following:


Increased Safety and Protection

One of the primary benefits of installing hurricane screens is increased safety and protection. During a hurricane, wind and flying debris can cause significant damage to your home, leading to costly repairs and, in some cases, even injury or loss of life.

Moreover, Atlas Armor hurricane screens have been tested and proven effective in protecting homes during the most severe weather events – Category 5 hurricanes. Therefore, investing in Atlas Armor hurricane screens is the smartest thing that a homeowner can do in a hurricane-prone area. Finally, by adding hurricane screens to your home, you can rest assured that you have taken the necessary precautions to protect your family and your property.


Improved Energy Efficiency

Another advantage of installing fabric hurricane screens is improved energy efficiency. Hurricane screens are woven which allows airflow, to help regulate the temperature inside your home and reduce your energy costs. Because the Atlas Armor hurricane screen are also a solar screen, the yarns block the sun’s solar heat and can help to reduce your monthly A/C energy bills.


Enhanced Aesthetics

In addition to increased safety and improved energy efficiency, hurricane screens can also enhance the aesthetics of your home. Atlas Armor hurricane screens are available in 4 colors (black, white, black and tan, white and tan) to compliment home’s color scheme. Hurricane screens always help improve your home’s curb appeal and add to its overall value.


Increased Property Value

Finally, installing Atlas Armor hurricane screens can also increase the value of your property. In areas where hurricanes are frequent, homes with hurricane protection are often more desirable and command a higher price. By installing hurricane screens, you can not only protect your home from damage, but you can also increase its value for the future. This is especially true with Atlas Armor hurricane screens because of the exclusive Transferrable 10-year warranty. The new home owner will take over the unused portion of the original home owners warranty. This feature is also a wonderful selling point for your home.


Cost-Effective Hurricane Protection

Installing hurricane screens is a cost-effective solution for hurricane protection. Furthermore, hurricane screens are installed quickly and each screen is customized to fit any size window or door. In comparison to other type of hurricane protection such as metal roll down shutters, accordions or panels, they are also more visually appealing, as they do not obstruct the view, sounds and outside breeze.


Why Do You Need Expert Installation Services?

It is essential to find a reputable contractor to install your fabric hurricane screens. We provide professional contractors that will ensure that the screens are installed correctly and provide you with a warranty for their work. Factory trained installation services are essential to protect your home and get the most out of your investment.



The benefits of installing fabric hurricane screens on your home are numerous. They offer protection and comfort, are cost-effective, attractive, easy to maintain, energy-efficient, easy to use and have professional installation. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, consider investing in Atlas Armor fabric hurricane screens to protect your home and keep your family safe. To find a professional Atlas Armor hurricane screens contractor near you, contact us today.