Summary: Atlas Armor announces a 10-year free repair or replacement of any screen if it suffers damage from the UV rays of the sun, mold, mildew, air pollution, or wind damage caused by MDD such as coming out of its frame or splitting the seam.

Press Release: Atlas Armor, the manufacturer of the Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens, is offering a 10-year free repair or replacement of its screens if it is damaged by the wind or natural elements as listed.. The warranty is valid for damages caused by the sun, mold, mildew, air pollution, or wind. Wind damage (including split seams) which is considered to be a Manufacturer Design Defect (MDD). Atlas Armor is the only manufacturer that provides coverage against MDD. All other hurricane screen manufacturers will require you to re-purchase your fabric screens to fix the failed screen that was blown out of its frame or suffered split seam. Because the screen fabric is roughly half of the screen’s cost, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for that replacement screen and that replacement screen will be just like the one that just blew out. Does that make any sense at all to you? Atlas Armor stands apart because, unlike other hurricane screen manufacturers who require their customers to re-purchase a new screen to fix their Manufacturer Design Defects (MDD), Atlas Armor feels that their customers should not be made to pay for a design defect.

The Atlas Armor screen warranty is also transferable to the new owner for the balance of the unused portion of the warranty period if customers sell or transfer their homes.

Thousands of hurricane fabric screens failed (blew out or split) during the IAN hurricane, leaving homes open and unprotected. All of the homes protected by those hurricane screens failed to get a free replacement and were forced to spend their hard-earned money to have new screens remade.

Not surprisingly, 100 percent of all Atlas Armor screens withstood the same hurricane, which is testimony to the superior quality and system design of their screens. 

The company says they can afford to offer this free replacement policy simply because their screens have never ever failed. Their customers only pay for their screens once..The screens last a very long time, saving money, trouble, and effort but more importantly, they provide the promised hurricane protection for their home.

Atlas Armor hurricane screens have been designed for one purpose – to stay in their tracks and protect the opening where they were installed. These screens performed their roles impeccably for the last 10 years and they are constantly being improved upon.

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The bottom line: We stand behind our screens and you should too.

About Atlas Armor:

Atlas Armor is the manufacturer of the Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens. The company started ten years ago and has thousands of installed screens across Florida, Bermuda, and the Caribbean Islands. In these ten years, Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens have never failed to protect the areas where they were installed. The company has a perfect protection record against 20 hurricanes and 17 tropical storms with zero failures.

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