Key Features of Our Atlas Armor
Written, 10-year warranty

FABRIC: FREE fabric screen replacement if, while under warranty, fabric ever gets damaged by Sun’s UV rays, mold, mildew, rot or air pollution. Note: only if screens have been properly cleaned to remove salt and dirt build up.

TRANSFERABILITY: We offer a FULL 10-year warranty. If a registered owner sells his home, the new owner registers with Atlas Armor and then takes over the unused portion of the warranty.

PROTECTION AGAINST MANUFACTURERS DESIGN DEFECTS (MDD): Unlike all other hurricane screen manufacturers, Atlas Armor provides FREE fabric screen replacement if, while under warranty, your screen fabric is damaged by wind-only. Wind-damage is when the fabric comes out of it frame (side tracks, or top take-up reel or bottom weight bar) or if the horizontal seam splits.

Note: If your screen fabric comes out of its frame, you lost your hurricane protection. Florida insurance companies no longer cover hurricane screen damage. If you have any hurricane screen made by any other manufacturer, YOU will need to pay for its replacement.

Replacement fabric screens, for even a small screen, can cost thousands of dollars. With Atlas Armor screens, the replacement fabric screen in FREE. Example: Screen panel replacements will cost about 1/3 of the total of the entire screen for that opening. So, if you paid $3,000 to protect that opening, expect to pay about $1,000 or more for the replacement screen. If you lost more than one screen, that will add up to a lot of money. With Atlas Armor screens, the replacement fabric screen in FREE. Have you ever noticed that other dealers don’t publish their warranties, this is one major reason why they don’t do that.

Before you purchase your hurricane fabric screens, ask your sales person one simple question and then ask to see that answer in writing.

Before you purchase your hurricane fabric screens, ask your sales person one simple question and then ask to see that answer in writing. Then compare our written warranty to their written warranty before you buy.

If it’s an Atlas Armor hurricane screen, the written answer will always be “Atlas Armor pays” and NOT you.

During Hurricane Ian, thousands of non-Atlas Armor fabric screens came out of their frames, but NOT a single Atlas Armor screen came out of its frame.

Buy Atlas Armor and you won’t get stuck buying a new screen after every hurricane.

Atlas Armor’s Transferable Residential 10-year free replacement warranty reflects our confidence in our screens and commitment to producing the absolute best product.

Atlas Armor’s Residential 10-year replacement warranty

A lot of screens don’t come with any warranty at all. While some screen manufacturers may offer a 10-year warranty, look at their warranty.

Generally, around the second sentence of the warranty, they will tell you that the warranty DOES NOT cover the mesh screening.

Really? A screen warranty that doesn’t cover the actual screening material? That doesn’t sound like a SCREEN warranty to me.

Other 10-year warranties are pro-rated, meaning that each year the screen warranty is worth less than the previous year until the value goes to zero. When you try to use this warranty, you have to purchase a new screen (at the current cost), and then the warranty’s current dollar value is subtracted from the new purchase price. Then the screen’s warranty is typically terminated on that replaced screen, leaving you with a new screen but without any warranty. So in 10 years, you have paid double for your screen.

Atlas Armor hurricane screens use the Twitchell OmegaTex fabric.

Our 10-year warranty is further backed by Twitchell (screen manufacturer), as shown in the warranty below. Atlas Armor also extends the replacement warranty to cover our motors (5 years) and handheld controls (1 year). If you specify either a Somfy or Gaposa motor instead of ours, you will receive a 4-year warranty on the motor.

Our Atlas Armor hurricane screens are warranted against any screen damaging effects due to exposure to sunlight, rot, mildew, and air pollution that ordinarily would damage other screens. If you have that type of damage, we will make you another screen to replace the damaged screen… for FREE. We feel that you should only have to pay once for our screens. This warranty does not include any additional fees that may be charged by your local authorized retail dealer (i.e., shipping, taxes & labor).

10-Year Limited TRANSFERABLE & FREE Replacement Warranty

The registered residential screen owner will receive:

  1. Atlas Armor 10-Year Limited Warranty. This warranty policy covers any screen damage caused by exposure to the sun’s rays, air pollution, rot, mildew, and mold.
  2. Our standard motors carry a 5-Year Limited Warranty replacement, or if you choose an optional SOMFY or Gaposa motor, both carry a 4-year Limited Warranty (subject to the SOMFY or Gaposa terms and conditions).
  3. Remote, handheld controls have a 1-Year Limited Warranty, which is a one-time warranty.
Atlas Armor’s Transferable Residential 10-year free replacement warranty reflects our confidence in our screens and commitment to producing the absolute best product.


Our screens are designed and manufactured to protect your opening by staying within their frame. If the screen ever comes out of their frame, that opening is left unprotected. Because anything is possible, we want to protect your investment by including a Manufacture’s Design Defects (MDD) portion within our warranty. If a problem should occur to one of our registered customers, anytime during their 10-year warranty, Atlas will first assess the damage to determine if it is an MDD. If it is an MDD, Atlas will determine the best repair/replace solution, and then at its sole option, quickly provide either a free screen replacement or a free screen repair to correct the problem. The following possible MDD’s are covered by this warranty:

  • Screen comes out of the side track
  • Screen comes out of the bottom weight bar
  • Screen comes out of the top take-up reel
  • Horizontal seam (that joins two screen panels together) splits or comes apart
  • Weight bar end guide breaks or comes out of the side track

Note 1: This MDD warranty only covers the fabric portion of the screen and does not include any possible additional charges (i.e. repairs or Dealer labor or shipping).

Note 2: The hurricane screens are sacrificial so if the screens got damaged while protecting your property, they did their job and it was not an MDD. They will not be replaced for free. Example: hurricane impact window cracks because something hit the glass and broke it. That is not an MDD and you would have to buy a new window. If the hurricane glass just falls out of its window frame on a sunny day, that would be an MDD problem and the manufacturer should fix the problem at his cost.

Hurricane screen installation


Solar Tax Credit for our OmegaTex (Atlas Armor) fabric

Twitchell Warranty