Fabric Roll Down Hurricane Screens in Florida

Our Atlas Armor hurricane screens offer state-of-the-art hurricane protection. Our screens have NEVER failed (come out of their tracks) during any type of storm. To date, after 10-years, our screens have been tested by 17 Tropical Storms (35 mph – 74mph), 23 hurricanes (75 mph – 155 mph) totaling 40 major storms plus we also protected against several EF2 Tornadoes (111 mph – 135 mph). 

Insurance companies operating within Florida are leaving Florida (such as Farmers Insurance) because to the high damage liability related to sub-par hurricane protection. We can say with 100% certainty, that we have never contributed to the cause of their leaving.

Our hurricane screens have been designed to be used in environments that normally experience: tropical weather (high heat, high humidity, salt air, bright daily sunlight, high winds and rain), hurricanes and tornadoes. Our screen design ensures that the screens will not come out of their side tracks because all of our hurricane screens are made out of a single piece of fabric. All of our competitive screen products are designed to be made in three (3) vertical pieces where two pieces (called Keders) are used to hold the entire screen within the side tracks and the center piece of fabric that you look through.  The center piece of fabric is attached to the side Keders. With our single fabric design, every horizontal thread is working to hold the screen in place. In the 3-piece Keder design, the center fabric is only held in place by two vertical sewn threads or by a weld. Welding works well on a flat material without holes (such as a Mays Day Ballon) but screens have holes and the vertical threads are made from Aramid (aka Kevlar) and it is not possible to weld to Aramid. In fact, high heat actually damages the strength of the Aramid fibers which in turn causes the screens to fail and pull out of their side tracks. Our screen Atlas Armor one-piece screen system has NEVER failed in over 10-years of real-world testing. No other hurricane screen system can make that claim nor do they offer a free replacement screen if the screen should blow out of its tracks. They can’t make that FREE fabric replacement warranty offer because their screens are likely to blow out of their tracks during a storm. A replacement piece of fabric is about 1/3 of the installed screen price so figure multiple thousands of dollars, per opening, that you will need to pay for your replacement screen panels because your insurance will not pay for the replacements.


“Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens, Protecting Your World”

To meet the environmental demands, our screens have been built using non-rusting components such as fabric, stainless steel, powder coated aluminum, and high-strength plastic used for our guides. Our fabric consists of a material that is woven out of two very strong yarns: polyester and Aramid (aka Kevlar).

We offer 3-brands of motors: Somfy, Gaposa and Dooya. Each brand of motor can be configured to be operated by means of a hand-held controller, any home automation system, phone or mobile tablet such as an iPad, and gear-only for small screens.

We have several issued US patents relating to our hurricane screens.

Because our warranty offers you a FULL 10-years of protection, all of our components are built to out-last our 10-year, transferable warranty time period.

Our screens are used everyday of the year to control: radiant solar heat, insects including no-see-ums, personal privacy, sun light that causes discomfort, solar UV rays that causes material color fading, wind and rain. When our screens are not protecting against hurricanes, tropical storms or tornadoes (EFT 0, 1, 2), they are being used as a COMFORT screen. Just push a button to adjust your protection or comfort any day of the year.

Our screens can be built into the walls and ceilings of new construction and they can be installed on existing homes.

The screens are primarily used to protect covered back patios, front entrances and garage doors (the largest and weakest opening on your home). Our roll down screens offers an additional layer of protection to your impact windows and doors. When used on a back patio, they allow you, by pushing the down button, to quickly secure all of your outdoor furniture, toys, plants, and other items that would normally be required to be moved indoors before a storm so that they would not be blown around and possible damage your home’s walls or windows or glass doors. You are not required to add shims to the side tracks or screws to the side tracks or bolts to anchor the bottom weight bar. Just push the down button on one of your controls and in less than a minute, your covered area is secured.


Our screen fabric comes in several colors: black, white, black and tan, white and tan. I recommend the black color because it is the easiest to see through, always looks clean, and is a universal color that can be used with any decor. White is the hardest to see through because light is reflected off the screen back into your eyes. When you look through the white screen, it is as if you are looking through a cloud. White is also the hardest to keep clean although all of our screens can be washed resulting in a fresh fabric look and feel. All fabrics offer the same protection and warranty and unlike other companies, all of our fabrics are priced the same.

Our standard metal colors are: White, Ivory, Bronze and Beige. For an extra fee, we can custom powder coat your metals any color that you desire.

In addition to our roll down screens, we also offer screens that can be permanently mounted to your opening. These permanent screen panels can also be used to build secured structures such as a secured walkway or stair way or balcony, or patio-like rooms. We also have and removable fabric panels that (once installed) can be easily be set up in a matter of seconds and secured using our patented system. These removable screens can also be deployed on any floor level from INSIDE your home. You no longer need ladders to reach the second floor. During deployment, your feet never leave the floor and the patented locking system can be used without any tools. You no longer need to keep track of wingnuts and bolts.

Once you install our hurricane screens you will appreciate our motto:

Hurricane screen installation services

Fabric Rolldown Hurricane Screens by Atlas Armor

In the face of a hurricane’s destructive power, the need for reliable protection couldn’t be more critical. As hurricane seasons grow more unpredictable, a robust defense system is paramount. 

That’s where Atlas Armor‘s Fabric Rolldown Hurricane Screens come into play. These innovative screens are not just a smart choice; they are necessary for safeguarding your property and ensuring your loved ones’ safety. Our cutting-edge Rolldown Hurricane Screens are designed to provide unparalleled protection against the most severe weather conditions. 

Discover why our Fabric Rolldown screens are the ultimate solution and the go-to choice for homeowners and businesses in hurricane-prone regions.

The Power of Rolldown Hurricane Screens

Rolldown Hurricane Screen: It’s more than just a protective barrier; it is your first defense against Mother Nature’s wrath. In a hurricane, you need a solution that combines strength, convenience, and adaptability. Atlas Armor’s Hurricane Screens offer precisely that. Our Fabric Rolldown screens are engineered with precision to offer superior hurricane protection while maintaining the aesthetics and privacy of your property.

Why Choose Fabric Rolldown Hurricane Screens?

  • Strength and Durability: Atlas Armor’s Rolldown Hurricane Screens are constructed using high-quality fabric to withstand hurricane-force winds, flying debris, and heavy rain. They provide a robust shield against the elements.
  • Easy Deployment: In times of impending storms, quick action is essential. Our Fabric Rolldown screens can be easily deployed with minimal effort, allowing you to secure your property rapidly.
  • Versatility: Beyond hurricane protection, these screens serve as versatile solutions for shading, privacy, and insect control, making them a valuable addition to your property year-round.

Hurricane Screens for All Environments

Whether you live in a coastal area frequently affected by hurricanes or simply want to be prepared for the unexpected, our Fabric Rolldown Hurricane Screens offer the ideal solution. They are equally suitable for residential homes, commercial properties, and businesses, ensuring that you, your loved ones, and your assets remain safe during turbulent times.

Hurricane Screens

Atlas Armor: Your Hurricane Protection Partner

At Atlas Armor, we take pride in providing the most reliable hurricane protection solutions. Our Fabric Rolldown Hurricane Screens are a testament to our commitment to safety, quality, and innovation. By choosing Atlas Armor, you are choosing peace of mind, knowing that you have a trusted partner to safeguard what matters most.

Atlas Armor’s Fabric Rolldown Hurricane Screens are your best defense regarding hurricane protection. Their strength, ease of use, and versatility make them an essential addition to any property in hurricane-prone areas. Invest in the safety and security of your home or business with Atlas Armor’s Rolldown Hurricane Screen

Ready to fortify your property against hurricanes? Explore our Fabric Rolldown Hurricane Screens range, and experience the Atlas Armor difference.