Fixed Screens

The Atlas Armor 3 and 4-sided fixed screens can be used to construct secured stand-alone areas when attached to an engineered structure.

In this example, we attached our screens for a sheltered walkway from a non-rated production facility to a rated hurricane shelter. All of the screens on the top of the screened area are held in place using a side track on all 4-sides. The screen panels on the sides were attached with 3-sided side tracks. Also, notice that the screens on the enclosed steps were secured using tracks on all four sides. This type of construction can be used to create secured or partially secured areas such as: open-topped air-conditioning units, shelters for boats or RVs, storage sheds, and outdoor bulk supply storage. These units can also be built using our Miami-Dade, hurricane-rated, swing pedestrian doors to gain access to the enclosed area.

Our motto says it all: Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens, Protecting Your World™