If you are: looking for effective hurricane protection, engaged in outdoor patio designs,
enclosing a balcony, or building a patio, you should consider using Atlas Armor hurricane screens.
Here are a few photos showing our hurricane fabric screens and how they can be used.
Atlas Armor screens are the ONLY roll-down hurricane screen certified by Miami-Dade (NOA 21-0512.04). Additionally, they are also very effective when protecting against solar, weather, and insects every day.

Consider using Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens if you are building a patio or engaged in outdoor patio design and are thinking about hurricane shutters.

Our NOA-certified roll-down hurricane fabric screens also provide effective sun shade and wind block even on free-standing openings such as this outdoor eating area. Until we installed our screens on this West facing patio, it was only useable on days that were not too sunny and not too windy. With this simple installation, the patio became very comfortable and enjoyable. This is also a great solution for condo balconies where wind, sun, and rain often interfere with relaxing and enjoying the view.