Hurricane Ian, just hit the westcoast of Florida in September of 2022. It will go down in history as the deadliest hurricane in the last 80 years. It will also be remembered as one that caused extreme damage with repair estimates running between $65 Billion to over $90 Billion dollars. This year the expected number of hurricanes will be smaller than last year, but the hurricane damage could be more. With 3 storms expected to be a major hurricane

If you build houses or buildings in Florida, you are required by law to provide hurricane protection on all openings. If you must choose hurricane screens, they must be able to  withstand the wind speeds expected for that area. Here are some things you can consider from Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens, when picking those hurricane protection screens for your construction company.


  • Hurricane Screens Durability

Until recently, inspectors would check Florida high rise condos every 40 years, to make sure they still hurricane resistent. Now, since the collaps of the condo at Surfside in 2021, condos are are required to check every several years. If your installed protection is inadiquate, the protection system must be changed to another system that can handle the threat. Changing protection systems costs a lot of money, so you want to avoid using a system that only provides the required protection for a limited amount of time. That’s why you should check that your hurricane screens meet the right standards to last a long time after the inspection. Atlas Armor hurricane screens have been real-world tested and have shown that they very hurricane resistent after 10 years of use.

  • Hurricane-Level Resistance

There are several hurricane screen systems on the market and all claim to be the best. However there is only one roll-down hurricane screen system that carries the Miami-Dade approval (NOA) and that is Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens. The NOA (Notice of Acceptance) certifies that the hurricane system has passed the critera for protecting against Category 5 hurricanes. Hurricane Ian was a strong Cat 4 hurricane. All hurricane screens must pass a certification test, but they are NOT all the same in terms of the protection that they afford. Hurricane Ian, tested them all and only the Atlas Armor screen passed the test. All other hurricane screens failed by coming out of their tracks or pulling the top take up reel down, or splitting their seams of coming out of their bottom weight bars. Every failure caused that opening to be unprotected during deadliest hurricane in the last 80 years. Only Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens  remained inplace 100% of the time.

  • Adherence to Building Codes

Because Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens carry the NOA label, they are accepted by building departments and insurance companies all over the world. The NOA is the gold standard of hurricane testing. The NOA exceeds all other codes.

  • Buy High Quality Hurricane Screens

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens have been designed and manufactured out of the highest quality components. They were designed specifically to be used in Southeast Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). Monroe, Miami-Dade and Broward counties make up the HVHZ and have been hit the most number of times by hurricanes. With Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens you can sleep easy knowing because you have the highest quality hurricane protection system working for you.

  • Cost Per Usage 

Unlike other hurricane protection systems like roll down aluminum shutters, Bahama shutters, aluminum accordion shutters, and storm panels, that are only deployed before a hurricane, the Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens are very inexpensive because they can be used every day for comfort and protection:

  • They are transparent so they let in light
  • They are a screen so they let in a light breeze
  • They are a solar screen so they provide sun protection
  • They are an insect screen
  • They also provide privacy during the day
  • They also protect against normal weather (wind and rain)
  • They also protect against hurricanes.

The other hurricane protection systems may offer one or two of our features, but not all of our features. And, the other systems may only be used during the few days of the hurricane.



Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens provides: Quality, Security, Value, and Peace of Mind backed by a 10-year transferable warranty featuring a free replacement screen if we should ever come out of our tracks or if our screen’s seam should come apart leaving you unprotected. Our Hurricane Screens have never come out of the tracks, never split  and have never failed due to manufacturing design defect (MDD).

Hurricane Ian, the most damaging hurricane in the last 80 years, was a super real-world test for everyone’s Hurricane Screens. Every brand was represented during hurricane Ian. We all went through the same hurricane conditions. The results of that Hurricane Ian test was 100% of all the Hurricane Screens that failed … not a single screen was from Atlas Armor. We again had zero screen failures just as we have had since 2013.

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens are the only roll down hurricane fabric screens to receive Miami-Dade Certification: Noa 21-0512.04

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