In a world where unpredictable weather patterns are becoming the norm, the quest for unparalleled protection becomes paramount. Enter the world of Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens – where innovation meets impenetrable defense. Imagine a shield crafted not just to stand against nature’s fury but one designed with a commitment to quality, value, and peace of mind. Journey with us as we unveil the resilience, benefits, and unmatched promise of Atlas Armor, your ultimate guardian against the tempest.


Proven Resilience in Extreme Conditions 

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens are the epitome of reliability, investment, value, quality, and certification. With a track record of never failing, even in the face of 20 hurricanes and 17 tropical storms, including Hurricane IAN, Atlas Armor patio hurricane screens are real-world-tested and proven to withstand even the toughest conditions.


Smart Investment with Long-term Benefits 

Not only are Atlas Armor screens reliable, but they are also a smart investment. Our 10-year warranty is transferable, meaning that if you sell your home, the new owners will still be covered under our window hurricane protection. And if any screen is damaged by wind during the warranty period, we will provide a free replacement screen – something that no other manufacturer offers.


Superior Quality and Certification 

In terms of value, Atlas Armor screens are unmatched. Our screens are built to last in a saltwater environment using only high-quality components. And we are the only roll-down hurricane screen that is Miami-Dade certified (NOA 23-0120.02), ensuring that our screens meet the highest standards for hurricane protection.


More than Protection: Daily Comfort and Utility 

But Atlas Armor screens aren’t just about patio protection – they also offer year-round comfort. Our screens can be used every day of the year to control insects, weather, heat, and privacy. And with our current delivery time of 4 weeks or less and our 10-year anniversary sale offering discounts of 12-25% depending on configuration, there has never been a better time to invest in Atlas Armor hurricane screens for patio.


Atlas Armor: Your Shield Against Nature

Our registered trademarked slogan says it all: “Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens, Protecting Your World.” With Atlas Armor hurricane window and screen, you can rest assured that your home and family are protected from even the most severe weather conditions. So why wait? Invest in Atlas Armor screens today and enjoy peace of mind for years to come.